Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q : What information can I find regarding patients rights?

    A : You will find relevant documents related to Indian laws and regulations that protect patients rights and help seek grievance redressal. You will also find current research, reports and latest news relevant to patients’ rights issues. The information will be updated from time to time. However, the information is meant to guide you and by no means completely exhaustive.

  • Q : How can I seek redressal for my complaints?

    A : The website helps you with information regarding various mechanisms to seek redressal. You may leave your queries with us which will be answered by our panel of experts. But the makers do not owe any responsibility or liability on their part to take any action against anyone for the aggrieved.

  • Q : How do I share my experiences?

    A : You can share your experiences. To do so go to Home. Click Share Your Story. This will take you to another window where you can type you story in the text box and click submit.

  • Q : Do I need to disclose my name while sharing my experience?

    A : No. You do not need to disclose your name while sharing your experience. If you reveal your name, your confidentiality will be maintained by removing any identification before publishing.

  • Q : Should I disclose the name of the healthcare provider or health insurance agency?

    A : We encourage users to maintain confidentiality of all parties by not mentioning names or identifying references. In case you mention names, we will remove any identification before publication.

  • Q : Will action be taken for my complaints?

    A : Sharing of your experiences is mainly for creating awareness, voicing concerns and advocating for peoples’ rights. The website gives information on ways to seek redressal and a panel of experts will guide you with your queries.

  • Q : Will my story be shared publically or published?

    A : All written submissions will be reviewed by the team at CEHAT and having deemed free of abuse will be subsequently published after being suitably moderated. Abuse will constitute any content containing abusive language, threats of violence against others, defamatory allegations, links to unrelated or pornographic websites.