• Exploring the phenomenon of violence faced by resident doctors in public hospitals of Maharashtra by patient/s and / or relative/s and or escort/s Factsheet : A study by the Centre for Enquiry into Health and Allied Themes (CEHAT) in Collaboration with Seth G.S. Medical College and King Edward Memorial (KEM) Hospital and Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD)

    Published By Centre for Enquiry Into Health and Allied Themes ( On 28 Sep 2018

    WHY DO WE NEED THIS STUDY? Resident doctors form the backbone of the Indian medical system. They are often the first point of contact with patients, caregivers, and the general public, and at the rec...
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  • LaQshya: Labour Room Quality Improvement Initiative

    Published By On 05 Jul 2018

    Health is defined as physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity . This calls for a widening of perspective in the domain of maternal health to incorpo...
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  • Costly, Insensitive Medicare: Why Patients & Doctors Are at War

    Published By The Quint On 27 Mar 2017

    A vicious and brutal attack on a young doctor, in a public hospital in Maharashtra, was the precipitating cause for a strike by young doctors seeking more security at the workplace. These persistent...
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  • डॉक्टर-रुग्ण संबंध: अराजाकाकडे वाटचाल?

    Published By लोकसत्ता On 10 Jul 2016

    वैद्यकीय दुर्घटना झाली की डॉक्टरांना शिक्षा करण्याचे प्रकार वाढत चालले असून आरोग्यसेवेसाठी ही बाब अत्यंत घातक आहे. म्हणूनच सरकार, लोकप्रतिनिधी, डॉक्टर्स, सामाजिक संघटनानी एकत्र येऊन अराजाकाकडे जाणारी...
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  • Patients’ Awareness About Their Rights: A Study from Coastal South India

    Published By Science and Engineering Ethics On 06 Apr 2016

    Respecting patients’ rights is a fundamental aspect of providing quality healthcare. The present investigation attempts to explore the awareness among patients about their rights in a coastal township...
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  • Cure the doctor

    Published By The Indian Express On 21 Dec 2015

    Earlier this month, The Lancet published a paper calling for a radical transformation of the architecture of India’s healthcare delivery system if it is to achieve the government’s vision of assuring...
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  • Ethics Boundaries - Sexual Boundary Violations - Who would you believe?

    Published By St. John's Research Institute On NA

    “Who would you believe?” is an 18 minute film on sexual harassment- a sexual boundary violation in the doctor patient relationship. Three sections are woven into this film a script reading of a...
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  • Logging The BMJ’s “patient journey”

    Published By The British Medical Journal On 17 Aug 2015

    Recognising the crucial role of patients in tackling “corruption in the mission of healthcare,” two years ago The BMJ set up an international patient advisory panel to help us develop a strategy to pr...
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  • Medical Services & Consumer Protection Act, Briefing Paper

    Published By CUTS Centre for Consumer Action, Research & Traini On 2011

    This briefing paper evaluates the significance of the Consumer Protection Act (COPRA), 1986 in tune with Medical Services, which is now one of the basic needs of consumers in their day to day life. CO...
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  • Professional misconduct or criminal negligence: when does the balance tilt?

    Published By Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol. XI, No. 2 On 2014

    On September 13, 2013, the Supreme Court absolved Dr Praful Desai, an oncologist, of conviction on the charge of criminal medical negligence in the treatment of one of his patients. This article exami...
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  • Regulation and the Medical Profession Clinical Establishments Act, 2010

    Published By Economic and Political Weekly, Vol - XLVIII, No. 0 On 19 Jan 2013

    The Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act, 2010 which is in force in a few states is being sought to be placed before the state legislature in Maharashtra amidst vehement protest f...
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  • Patients' rights in India: an ethical perspective

    Published By Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol. IX, No. 4 On 2012

    Patient autonomy is affected by a number of factors, including severity of illness, socio-economic status and dependence. Many patients find that they are not treated with due consideration and compas...
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  • Private practitioners' communications with patients around HIV testing in Pune, India. Health Policy Plan

    Published By Health Policy Plan,21(5):343-52 On Sep 2006

    Unlike any other disease so far, the ‘exceptional’ nature of HIV/AIDS has prompted debate about the necessity, but also the challenges, of regulating practitioner–patient communication around HIV test...
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  • Doctors do not have the right to refuse treatment to HIV-positive patients

    Published By Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol 11, No 3 On 2003

    There is no doubt that the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) epidemic has added to the professional hazards of some doctors and other health professionals. HIV infection is fatal and without a cure,...
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  • Laws and Health Care Providers

    Published By CEHAT On Jan 1996

    Although numerous government appointed and other committees have brought out their reports which have influenced frequent changes in health care delivery, there has been little long term concretisatio...
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  • In the pink: Need for asserting patients' Rights

    Published By Keemat, Vol. 24, No. 3 On Mar 1995

    The medical fraternity must be made accountable for their actions. And patients, as consumers of medical treatment, must have the right to health education. Dr. Amar Jesani and Dr. Anil Pilgaokar talk...
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