About Us

‘Patients’ Rights-An initiative towards better healthcare’ is an informative and interactive platform for patients and general public seeking information related to patients’ rights and wanting to share their experiences with the health care and health insurance providers. It has been developed and maintained by the health research team at CEHAT& IKF(Iris knowledge foundation).

The website aims to empower people with the knowledge of their rights as health seekers vis-a-vis fair access to quality health care with an assurance of their confidentiality and a safe clinical environment along with participation in decisions regarding their treatment. Users can find information related to various Indian laws and regulations which protect their rights as patients and ensure their access to quality health care and seek grievance redressal. Research and reports around patients’ rights and latest news and issues will be updated periodically on the website.

People/Patients/Users can participate by contributing their experiences with health care providers and health insurance agencies and help others become aware of the unfair practices in the healthcare system and how they can be tackled by an informed health seeker.

This website is mainly for the purpose of disseminating information and patient experiences. The redressal of the grievance will be in the form of providing support from an expert panel which will provide guidance to the patients to handle their queries. Confidentiality will be maintained for all parties involved.

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About the Organization

CEHAT (Centre for Enquiry into Health and Allied Themes) is the research centre of Anusandhan Trust. We are involved in research, training, service and advocacy on health and allied themes.

Our aim is to deliver socially relevant and rigorous academic health research and health action at CEHAT for the well being of the disadvantaged masses, for strengthening people's health movements and for realizing right to health and health care. CEHAT acts as an interface between progressive people's movements and academia.

All efforts in CEHAT endeavour to create space for the participation of people without compromising on academic rigour. Our ethical guidelines for research are structured around informed consent; confidentiality and relaying information back to relevant segments of society.

We are a multi disciplinary team with training and experience in Medicine, Life Sciences, Economics, Social Sciences, Social Work, Journalism, Library & Information, Science and Law. We have a democratic and participatory mode of decision-making.