• Mumbai: Confined in hospital for 50 days for not paying bill, patient finally discharged

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    HAVING kept a patient in the hospital for 50 days owing to non-payment of her medical bill, Kalyan-based Sree Devi Hospital finally discharged Shanta Gopal Singh after taking a written undertaking from her that she would clear the dues within two months. On December 21, The Indian Express reported that Singh, a typist, was admitted in the private hospital after getting hit by a bus in a road accident on August 28. Among multiple surgeries on her right leg, three major surgeries were done for skin grafting, which brought the bill to Rs 6.85 lakh. While the family was able to pay Rs 1 lakh funded from a trust and Rs 70,000 after borrowing money from relatives, they fell short of Rs 4.5 lakh after subtracting concessions. While her treatment was completed on November 4, the 43-year-old Dombivli resident was asked to remain in the hospital until her husband managed to clear the hospital dues.